God's Plan - Week 1

Join us as we kick off the series "God's Plan" day. We are excited to start this series with a sit down Q & A with our Lead Pastor Bryan Briggs. It's a great day as they talk about how God's Plan is for you but not about you.



God's Plan - Week 2

The Church is God's Plan of hope for the World! Join us today as Pastor Bryan continue with our series "God's Plan" week 2 and teaches about being apart of God's Plan by being a VITAL player on our Dream Team.



God's Plan - Week 3

God has a unique plan for you. Join us today as we continue our series "God's Plan" as we help you discover the plans that God has for you.



God's Plan - Week 4

God's plan is not to use people to  build His church but to use His church to build people. Join us today as Pastor Bryan continues in the God's Plan series and talks about getting on God's team